China Mobile 5G Innovation Center
Hong Kong Open Lab

China Mobile established 5G Joint Innovation Center in 2016. The center includes 3 enterprise joint laboratories, 5 university joint laboratories/institutes, and 25 5G joint innovation open laboratories. China Mobile 5G Joint Innovation Center Hong Kong Open Lab was established in March 2018 and relocated from Mita Centre to Science Park in April 2019. It has been serving as a platform for industry exchange and cooperation, receiving numerous clients from government and the industry. Prior to that, it mainly focused on accelerating the maturity of 5G end-to-end industry, analyzing requirements of the market, exploring application innovation, developing partnerships, and facilitating cross-industry integration.

Hong Kong Open Lab Potential Applications


  • Smart Property Devices
  • Tree Safety Monitoring
  • Building Facilities Monitoring (BMS)
  • Elderly safety monitoring (Elderly’s home)

Entertainment and Education

  • 4K/8K HD (VR) live broadcast of large events/matches
  • AR/VR Education (online learning, tutorial school)
  • AR holographic communication (online conference)
  • VR travel experience

Smart transportation

  • Auto Parking/ Traffic Management (Airport, Theme Park, etc.)
  • Transport Drones (large outdoor performances/ stadiums etc.)
  • Drone Rescue Services (mountain, disaster area, etc.)
  • UAV inspection (ports, residential areas, etc.)

AI + Cloud Robot

  • Crowd and vehicle monitoring
  • Retail – self-service stores, vending machines
  • Health & Fitness Center – Body Gesture Detection

Smart Healthcare

  • 5G ambulance
  • Telemedicine assistance for special places/locations (elderly’s home, prison, outlying island, etc.)

3 Enterprise Joint Laboratories

5 University Joint Laboratories/Institutes

25 5G Joint Innovation Open Laboratories

  • Central (Beijing) Laboratory

  • Shanghai Laboratory

  • Ningxia Laboratory

  • Sichuan Laboratory

  • Jiangsu Laboratory

  • Zhejiang Laboratory

  • Liaoning Laboratory

  • Jilin Laboratory

  • Hainan Laboratory

  • Hubei Laboratory

  • Tianjin Laboratory

  • Hong Kong Laboratory

  • Chongqing Laboratory

  • Shandong Laboratory

  • United States Laboratory

  • Guizhou Laboratory

  • Guangdong Laboratory

  • Sweden Laboratory

  • Fujian Laboratory

  • Shaanxi Laboratory

  • Henan Laboratory

  • Jiangxi Laboratory

  • 5G Multimedia Innovation Alliance

  • Flying Network Alliance

  • Yunnan Laboratory

Innovation Center

Aimed at leading the 5G development, China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC, “the Group”), the parent company of CMHK, had established a 5G Innovation Center to strengthen collaboration with the telecom and vertical industry partners to jointly achieve three major goals: (1) Promote the maturity of 5G communication capabilities, (2) Incubate converged innovation applications and products, and (3) Build a win-win cross-industry ecosystem.

Leveraging on its geographical advantages, the Hong Kong Open Lab will serve as a display window and promotion platform to showcase the Group’s achievements of the 5G Innovation Center, as well as providing a test network environment for trials of the innovative applications developed by local business partners.

Basic experimental environments

Application Incubation Capability

Maturity Test certification Capability

Demonstration Platform


Control by layer-based decision
Remote driving
Connected drone


Quality inspection
AR equipment spot inspection
Robot inspection
AGV transfer robot


Drone patrol
Plant protection drone
Smart irrigation


Differential protection
Power emergency
Communication support

Smart City

Security monitoring
Environment monitoring
Logistics distribution


Mobile payment
Digital bank


4K/8K HD video
Cloud gaming


Remote control
HD video


Mobile remote interactive teaching
Immersive virtual innovation teaching
Smart campus


Complementing the existing 4G network with 5G infrastructure, to meet the needs of customers for Data Service and Voice Service


Promoting 5G technologies along with new communication technologies – for example, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud, Big Data and Edge Computing – to provide more practical applications.

3) 5G+ ecosystem:

5G is related to the development process for the whole society. Via commercial applications in different aspects, China Mobile Hong Kong, the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong society to build a 5G cross-industry ecosystem.

Open Lab