Webinar – 5G+ Cloud: Accelerating Innovative Development and Applications in the Industry

– Focusing on Unleashing the Power of 5G and Exploring Industry Integration in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area

On September 30, China Mobile Hong Kong Limited (“CMHK”), the Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance (“the Alliance”), the Information Technology Industry Committee of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, which is the authority of the Hong Kong information technology industry, Internet Professional Association (iProA) and the company’s partner Huawei, jointly organized a webinar on “5G+ Cloud: Accelerating Innovative Development and Applications in the Industry”, exploring the industrial integration opportunities of 5G in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area (GBA).

The government’s work report this year proposed to strengthen the construction of “new infrastructure”, develop a new generation of information networks, and to expand the use of 5G applications. Along with the change of society, “new infrastructure”, particularly represented by 5G, big data centers, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT), has shown a progressive development. Among which, 5G technology, as a key element, plays a vital role in the development of new information infrastructure in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau GBA. Mr. Joe Lian, President of the Committee of the Alliance and Head of New Business Department of CMHK, pointed out that the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao GBA has a comprehensive industrial chain of manufacturing and tertiary industry. Hong Kong, as the key player, shall utilize 5G in industry innovation, and in the fields of smart finance, smart transportation and smart healthcare. Meanwhile, VR/AR live streaming and games have evolved beyond the scope of traditional forms of entertainment in the 5G era. In August this year, the final competition of “Miss Hong Kong Pageant” was broadcasted via 5G+ VR live streaming technology for the very first time. CMHK perfectly brought high-quality 5G network, advanced technology applications and city-wide entertainment event together, providing people with a new experience of 360-degree VR live streaming of the performance. In the future, 5G will keep bringing audience a new visual experience in different events including sports, concerts, games.

Since 5G is a key element of the digital economy, and the industrial Internet is an important cornerstone of the fourth industrial revolution, the combination of “5G+ industrial Internet” will accelerate the development of the manufacturing industry towards digitalization, network-based and intellectualization. In November last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued the “5G+ Industrial Internet: 512 Project Promotion Program” to provide policy support for the development of 5G and industrial Internet integration. Mr. Xu Su, Head of Operator Marketing Department in Asia Pacific of Huawei, and the Executive Committee member of the Alliance, said that the current epidemic has increased the demand for new ICT infrastructure for enterprises. With the high speed and large bandwidth, low latency and high reliability, and large connection and wide coverage, 5G will play an important role in digitalizing and intellectualizing different industries. According to the information from the MIIT, as part of the national development of “two regions, three belts, multiple points”, 5G+ industrial Internet has provided practical examples of vertical applications in various industries, and in fields such as smart transportation, smart medical care, smart education in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao GBA. Besides, the combination of 5G and cloud technology further promotes the digitalization of enterprises. Mr. Jay JUAN, General Manager of Huawei Cloud of Huawei Hong Kong, and the Executive Committee member of the Alliance, said that the combination of 5G, cloud and big data will break the dilemma of data silos in the era of IoT. Data will be put into use and its value will be unleashed. The innovation of application will be driven by data and operational efficiency of enterprises will be improved.

4G changes life, 5G changes society. This webinar discussed the new progress of industry-oriented applications of stand-alone 5G, and deeply explored the potential of the integration and development of 5G and cloud services. It is a summary of the current 5G development achievements and an outlook of future development. With the advantage of wide 5G network coverage, CMHK will work as a leading company in this field and promote the 5G development in Hong Kong.