The Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance “5G+ Artificial Intelligence Supports Digital Transformation” Seminar was rounded off

On December 11, China Mobile Hong Kong Limited (“CMHK”) and the Greater Bay Area 5G Industry Alliance (“the Alliance”) held a seminar titled “5G+ Artificial Intelligence Supports Digital Transformation”, where many industry leaders and experts gathered to analyze the development prospects and business opportunities of 5G and artificial intelligence (“AI”), and to explore how these two technologies can promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

Since 2020, China announced the strategy of building “new infrastructure” that include three main areas: new information infrastructure, integrated infrastructure and innovation-related infrastructure. Mr. Shang Hailong, Executive Director of SenseTime Hong Kong, pointed out that 5G, as an important component of the 7 new Infrastructures, paves the way for deep integration of new technologies and new models, as well as system innovation. 5G and AI together will draw the blueprint of the “new infrastructure”, enabling the omnipresent of intelligent perception, promoting changes in human-computer interaction, and stimulating new models of content creation.

Ir. Dr. Louis LOCK, Advisor Chairman of the Control, Automation & Instrumentation Discipline of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, said that there is a large market for AI technology, where the technology can be combined with financial, industrial, commercial, medical and education industries. The characteristics of 5G network such as enhanced speed, low latency and high connectivity enable a rapid transmission of large amounts of data, which will bring advantage to the promotion of AI applications. For example, 5G+AI plays an important role in optimizing the tracking of disease sources and providing support to diagnosticians in the current epidemic situation.

The combination of 5G and AI voice recognition technology will drive the development of smart city in Hong Kong and the construction of smart city clusters in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. Dr Miles Wen, Founder and CEO of Fano Labs, said that since audio messages will be processed more efficiently and quickly under 5G networks, people will be able to control their home devices simply with their voice. This combination will greatly enhance the life of Hong Kong people, and accelerate the development of 5G smart home with the best human-computer interaction mode.

Mr. Gordon Guo, Vice President of the Committee of the Alliance, and Deputy Head of Internet & Enterprise Solution Division of CMHK, said that the “new infrastructure” constructed by 5G technology utilizes clouds and edge computing, and drives the future development of innovative applications through AI and big data. Guo mentioned that the “new infrastructure” will create a sustainable, win-win and trustworthy ecosystem, as well as a safe, efficient and smart integrated intelligent operation system, where the industry applications of AI under 5G networks will support various industries including financial services, trade and logistics, tourism, and commerce in smart cities.

Since the official commercialization of 5G network in April this year, CMHK has been developing the innovative applications of 5G for industries and individuals, hoping to integrate 5G technology and AI into these industries. In the education industry, CMHK has teamed up with the Modern Education Research Society and the Hong Kong Learning Active Promotion Society to launch the world’s first 5G STEM Pilot School Initiative. By incorporating the 5G technology into STEM education, the initiative aimed to enhance students’ experience through creating virtual and real-life interactive sessions by AI and AR/VR devices. In the automotive industry, CMHK collaborated with the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) to conduct an autonomous cars test, using 5G networks and AI technology to calculate the most time-saving, fast and safe routes.

The Alliance comprises operators, industry leaders, social organizations, academics and researchers from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau to share resources, exchange technologies and seek cooperation opportunities on cutting-edge technologies, products and solutions related to the 5G industry chain. Since its establishment in 2019, it has attracted more than 130 organizations to join as members. The Alliance has organized many activities such as the 5G Application and Innovation Challenge (AIC) and the 5G Technology Update & New Applications webinar, aiming to establish a resource sharing platform, promote the research and development of technologies and products, and facilitate the development of smart city clusters in the Greater Bay Area.