The China Mobile 5G Innovation Centre “Hong Kong Open Lab” has been upgraded to “Joint Innovation Plus” Hong Kong 5G Open Lab in January 2021. China Mobile announced the “Joint Innovation Plus” plan, which is a comprehensive upgrade and redefinition of cooperation and innovation. It explores a new model of joint R&D with “joint investment, shared risks, shared results, and shared benefits”; identifies key partners and initiates innovation cooperation with enterprises, universities and other partners via the laboratories and other vehicles; creates five cooperation segments: innovation partners, joint innovation vehicles, innovation R&D cooperation, results transformation policies, and creative investment and financing matchmaking; jointly exports R&D results, and promoting the landing and transformation of results through various channels with key partners.

After this upgrade, “Joint Innovation Plus” Hong Kong 5G Open Lab will continue to improve content of the application demonstration cases. The cases will combine the current Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint 2.0 and the key development areas of China Mobile 5G+AICDE and CHBN, and also cover six industries. 5G Open Lab will serve as a joint innovation vehicle to promote the implementation and commercialization of products and solutions; foster the development of 5G ecology, and open up collaboration possibilities; encourage cooperation with local partners, and jointly promote local cooperative research and development of innovative products.